Emerald Lake


Emerald Lake was a quick stop for us after we had hiked the Iceline Trail. Even though a thunderstorm had blown through about 30 minutes earlier and it was still drizzling, there were still hordes of people at this lake! As we arrived so did four tour busses and there were a crazy amount of people. We still went to see the gorgeous emerald color of the water, hence the name Emerald Lake, and took a few pictures. As we were enjoying the lake shore we saw a little family of loons and one of the loons swam right under us! It was so cool to see them under the water. This lake would be gorgeous in the early morning and you can also rent canoes while you are there. I believe there is also a lodge and a restaurant at the lake but if I had to guess, they’re both probably very crowded. Despite the insane amounts of people I still recommend stopping by to see the lake. The color is seriously so gorgeous not to mention the surrounding mountains.