Hey everyone and welcome to Snows Out West, formally known as Appalachian Love!

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Hey there and welcome to The Snows Out West, or Snows Out West for short! We're so happy you've found our little corner of the internet. You may recognize us from the blog Appalachian Love and that's because that's exactly what this blog used to be.

Michael and I (Jess) just moved to Portland, Oregon from Richmond, Virginia. We are both born and raised Virginians so this has been a really big move for both of us, but we're excited to navigate life together on a new coast! We're even more excited to document this new chapter of our lives here on Snows Out West along with all our hikes and other adventures we'll be doing after we move. If you want to read more about why we're changing the name of the blog you can read why here.

Please bear with us during this transition, both moving and redesigning the website. We're trying to make changes while also keeping the site up and running.

Thanks for stopping by!

                                                   - Jess & Michael

- Wild at heart & lovers of the great outdoors -


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