Wapta Falls


Wapta Falls is located on the western edge of Yoho National Park and was only half an hour from our AirBnb in Golden, BC. The hike to the falls starts in a small parking lot. We arrived around 11:00am and there were plenty of parking spaces but the day was overcast so it’s possible there weren’t as many people as usual. You will hike a little under a mile and a half to get to the main viewing point of the falls, above the falls. We opted to keep hiking down to the bottom of the falls. I’m not entirely sure how much further this would be but I would peg the distance at around 0.3miles. I highly recommend hiking down below the falls to see the view. From the bottom of the falls you can do a couple of things; you can climb the big pile of sediment at the base of the falls, you can cross the river to the island across from the waterfall (what Michael and I did) or you can hike further down the river and enjoy the view from a distance (what my parents did). The island and pile of sediment is from debris being washed down river and piling up below the falls! It’s pretty neat. Round trip this hike is about 1.5 miles and 2.3km.