9 Things

To continue with a new blogging series I'm doing "__ Things," here are 9 things from the past week or two! (See the first one I did here)

  1. Last week I got to take my brother backpacking for the first time and it was so much fun. He had an absolute blast and he already can't wait to go again. He was lucky and got to borrow all of Michael's gear, even his Gregory backpack, so I must say he was a bit spoiled for his first trip- no wonder he loved it so much!
  2. Also during that backpacking trip we stopped in the Grayson Highlands to see if we could find some wild ponies. I've been before and seen multiple herds of them so I directed us south down the AT and after a mile we came upon a herd! The ponies are my favorite part of the Highlands (minus the fact that you feel like you're walking around on a LOTR film set) and it's so cool to see them grazing in the mountains. 
  3. Even though its been warming up again (in the 90's) Michael and I have somehow kept up with running together. Even after long 12 hour shifts I still want to go! I haven't gone running this much probably since college and it feels really good. 
  4. I finally got to hike Goshen Pass and holy sh!t was is hard. The uphills literally had all of us cussing under our breath but the views were great and the river was SO beautiful. 
  5. Also on our hike to Goshen Pass there were so many Mountain Laurel blooming. I don't think I've ever done a hike and seen so many of the blooms and I was geeking out. I must've stopped half a dozen times to take pictures and admire them. 
  6. I've fallen off of the wagon when it comes to eating home cooked healthy meals. I've been really lazy with grocery shopping and although the food I grab on-the-go is healthy, this week I'm really making an effort to do some food prep for work and eat at home. 
  7. We are less than two months away from our trip out West!!!!! We also realized that we're scheduled to move out of the apartment we're in now the day after we get back from vacation so that'll be fun *she said sarcastically*
  8. We had a lot of really big thunderstorms move through a few days ago and the weather was literally delicious. I'm talking about a hot day that cooled down post thunderstorm. Everything smelled like rain, the air was cool and crisp, the light was soft and golden, big puffy clouds floating overhead... it was beauuuutiful.
  9. I wrote #6 at the beginning of the week when I started this post and I'm now reporting that I still haven't gotten back on the wagon. Starting this weekend I will! Maybe.....

 I hope everyone has a wonderful, warm and fun Memorial Day Weekend!!