A Few of my Favorite Hiking Snacks

Last May (yeah, like a year ago!) I started this blog post and I've slowly been adding all my favorite hiking snacks. While I am totally guilty of occasionally stopping by a Sheetz on my way home from hiking and getting a Nutty Bar or half jar of Pringles, I usually stick to organic marco (protein/carb/fat) packed snacks to keep me fueled and my energy levels up while I'm hiking. Just make sure while picking snacks you look for protein packed bars, wholesome ingredients and if possible, no added sugar. Stick with carbs as a source of energy that will keep you going for longer than sugar. Sugar may make you feel great at first but you'll crash hard soon after indulging which is never good while you're out on the trail. While it might be tempting to take junk food, I encourage you to take good, wholesome organic food that will keep you fueled and feeling great- not to mention soooo delicious! Below are a few of my favorites from the past year. I promise I've eaten all of these and none of them have resulted in a crash in energy and have kept me fueled and feeling full. 


 Chapul Chaco Bar

Ingredients: coconut nectar, peanuts, date paste, Chapul Cricket flour (brown crickets, Acheta domesticus, pea protein, rice protein), cocoa powder, sunflower buter, cacao nibs, salt, vanilla extract, monk fruit extract.

Cricket protein powder is the new craze and I haven't done much research but I hear it's a great source of protein, unless your a vegan (sorry!). Each bar is 220 calories with 120 calories from fat. With 10g of protein and 15g of carbs this is a great bar to take with you hiking to keep you feeling full and giving you fuel. It tastes just like any other peanut butter chocolate bar but with a little bit of crunch. I personally loved this bar and out of everything I'm listing, this was by far my favorite!

You can purchase them here


Wild Friends Butter Spreads

Ingredients: roasted peanuts, coconut, organic agave, unsweetened dark chocolate & sea salt

These little packets are easy to throw into a bag with some crackers, a rice cake, bananas or an apple. Really they go well with everything! They give you a good service of fat (190 calories, 140 from fat) and have 6g of protein in each little pack. They come in a variety of flavors too! Be sure to bring an extra little plastic baggie to put the left over pouch so it doesn't drip into your hiking bag! If you really love the butters enough you can also purchase whole containers of them to have at home.

You can purchase them and see other flavors here.


JiMMYBAR! Clean Snack Bar

Ingredients: peanuts, dates, almonds, peanut butter, honey & crisp brown rice

The perfect combo of crunch and soft these JiMMYBAR!'s take snacking to another level. I love little rice crispies in anything so I really loved these bars. Each bar has 18 calories with 80 calories from fat. 5 grams of protein. I love these bars!

You can buy them and see other flavors here.


Go Raw: Banana Bread Sprouted Bar

Ingredients: sprouted flaxseed, banana, coconut, dates

I'll be honest, I had a hard time deciding if I liked these bars or not but they really grew on me. At first the consistency and taste wasn't great (kinda tasted like underdone banana bread) but the energy I got from them really wowed me. After a few bites I got over the taste (I think sprouted flaxseed gets me- not my favorite) I really enjoyed these bars. So much so that I actually purchased more. 


I have so many others that I've tried and loved but these have been constants while hiking. I'll be doing another post like this in a few months once I try a few more!
Happy trails!
- Jess