Hiking Goshen Pass


This past weekend was supposed to be the weekend I hosted a backpacking trip for women in Virginia but due to the forecast having severe thunderstorms all weekend I had to postpone the trip. Since I had a free weekend we decided to hook up with Dee and her boyfriend and go hiking for the afternoon because we hadn't seen them in months. Goshen Pass had been on my radar for quite some time and I had been been dying to get out there and see the river running through the mountains and do this hike. It was SO much harder than I anticipated it to be! Some of the uphills had all of us cussing under our breath and we were all pausing multiple time to catch our breath. But the hike was a lot of fun and an amazing workout! There are two overlooks at the top of the mountain. The first  looks out over Lake Merriweather and the second looks out over Goshen Pass and the Maury River. I think the best part about the hike is that we didn't see a single other person while hiking, that hasn't happened to me in a long time! Overall I definitely think you should at least do this hike once, but I'm not sure if I'd do it again haha.

Goshen Pass is a very cool area with a ton to do. You can kayak on the river, fish or swim. Also, although there are multiple signs that say "NO CAMPING" there are a ton of campsites along the river and up at the top of the ridge. The road that winds down to the parking log & trailhead is scenic and you look out over the river and the mountains the whole time. I really enjoyed the whole area and I really want to go back to go fly fishing!

If you want more information/directions on the hike go here