Deep Creek River


 One of the spots we went fly fishing is called Deep Creek. Deep Creek's headwaters start deep in the Smokies and flow out into the Tuckasegee River in Bryson City, NC. We had read that this was a frequented and popular fly fishing spot for locals and we wanted to check it out. We packed up all of our gear and headed up river to get in, hiking past the tubers and groups of other fly fishers. The river was shallow but also had deep sections with even deeper plunge pools. After hours of wading my legs were screaming because I wasn't used to the strong currents and deeper water. An added bonus to all the fishing was that there were multiple waterfalls along the way! It was such a beautiful river that we ended up going back again one afternoon. However, we never caught anything and after talking to multiple anglers on the trail, they didn't seem to be either. A few of them mentioned that all the recent rain was making things slow which made us feel a little bit better. It was still so much fun to be out in the warm air, wading in the cold river and enjoying the outdoors! Also I was thinking about it and this fly fishing trip was the first time I was really comfortable out by myself. Michael and I stayed in the same vicinity for the most part but otherwise I was on my own. I watched the water, picked my own flies, tied all my own knots, everything. Also I finally have casting down and feel completely comfortable throwing out a line. After our first day I was so proud of myself thinking about how when I first started out I literally felt like I was flailing a stick around with a string on the end of it haha. Now I can flick a line and cast pretty well... a year later! Anyways, Deep Creek was such a gorgeous mountain river and we both had so much fun fishing it and absorbing all its beauty!