Morning Thoughts Above the Fog in the Smokies

In the cabin we rented, we have a wall that is just a huge glass window and looks out over the town of Bryson City and to the mountains beyond. But, when we're laying in our bed looking out that window all you can see are the mountains. This morning I happened to open an eye just before the crack of dawn and there was a thick blanket of fog only hovering above the mountain peaks and the rest of the sky was dotted with little clouds. As the sky lit up and faded into day we became engulfed with the rest of the fog and we now seem to be hanging out in a cloud. It was such a beautiful morning I had to write it down before I forgot. As I'm writing this the fog is slowly lifting from around us and I can see the first few glimpses of a beautiful blue sky! 

Fly fishing down here has been an adventure to say the least. We pack all of our wading gear into packs along with food and water and hike into the mountains before getting in the river. Yesterday I was covered in sweat by the time we pulled out our waders and started to fish and after our fifth hour out on the river my legs were screaming from fighting the strong currents and wading through deeper water than I'm used to in Shenandoah. The banks were lined with thick old Mountain Laurel so when it got too deep or strong for me I was forced to the banks where I had to walk in a permeant squat position as I navigated my way under thick branches. My shoulders were aching from carrying a pack the whole time and my right shoulder was raw from my waders and backpack strap rubbing against my skin through my shirt while I was casting. I've slipped on rocks, fallen on my ass and gotten a nice leg full of cold mountain river water. I'm finding when it comes to fly fishing that the harder you work, the more rewarding the experience is, but I can't imagine how tired I'm going to be by the end of this trip.

Oh and a side note: the day before we were planning on coming down to the Smokies our host messaged us and said that our cabin was vacant and we were welcome to come down a day early free of charge. I quickly called Michael at work to decided he was going to leave early, packed up everything I could and we got an extra half day down here! It was so sweet of our host to offer us an extra day.