6 Things + Some Old Pictures

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

^ In honor of Fathers Day, here's a few shots of my Dad and I when I was young: picture on the left is in Swallow Falls State Park, MD; top right is in the Great Smoky Mountains, NC; bottom right is some hiking trail in Virginia and would ya look at those cheeks! 


^ All these pictures (they're not so great, I know) are from my 16th birthday I spent in California. That was almost 9 years ago, how crazy is that?? My parents let my sister and I fly out there solo which was really exciting for us because we were both minors flying alone. We felt so grown up navigating the airports by ourselves and flying all the way across the country. We stayed with my uncle who lives outside San Francisco and on one of the days we went out to see the Redwoods and then the last picture is from a little hiking trail in the mountains. 

Okay 6 Things:

  1. We have a nest of little baby birds that recently hatched RIGHT outside our living room window. My camera has been permanently living next to the window and I've been catching little pictures of them when they're chirping and feeding. It's crazy how much they've grown already!
  2. I'm officially hooked on podcasts. I finally got around to downloading a few after Michael told me he listened to a podcast on a run and it made the run go by faster. I just finished season 1 of Serial and holy crap it really was as good as everyone said it was. I've now started S-Town and it's also v good, but this dude is real weird. Listening to podcasts really does make working out go by fast.
  3. I refuse to be in the sun without sunscreen and I'm psychotic about reapplying it so I don't get burnt. (Side note: the entire time we were in Saint Lucia I refused to leave the shade except for maybe 5-10 minutes a day because I was so scared the stronger sun would damage my skin.) Well the other day I decided to try Alba Botanical organic sunscreen because I LOVE their body lotion... Well, I freaking hated their sunscreen. I've never felt so sticky or looked so weird with sunscreen on! Like imagine thick, white sunscreen that wouldn't absorb and every time I got wet, the white residue would bead up on my skin and make me look sickly. SO I did a ton of research and found Coola which is a brand of sunscreen that's coral reef safe and natural and I can't wait to try it. Hopefully it can be my everyday sunscreen and doesn't make me look like freaking Casper.
  4. We finally finalized our trip itinerary for our trip this summer (a month before we leave, go me) and I'm SO excited we're finishing the trip in Denver and staying with my best friend. She's moving further west in September so I'm excited I'm visiting before she leaves and that she's the person who's going to be showing me around!
  5. I started back up with spin classes and oh my gosh I don't know why I waited so long to start again! I used to go all the time in college with my girlfriends and the other day I was like, "I miss cycling" so I signed up at a local place and after the class I felt so amazing. I immediately bought a package of classes. Nothing kicks my ass like a solid spin class! 
  6. Okay looking at the pictures of my Dad and I when I was a little babe made me realize I need to scan in some of the hiking pictures of myself in my awkward years. My sister and I would wear these ridiculous bandanas and I would refuse to smile because I had an expander so I didn't want to show the gap in my teeth. Also I would wear Sofie shorts folded WAY too many times (cringe) among other things. I really need to go back through our middle school hiking pictures and share some!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I'm SO looking forward to this weekend 😊