Out on the Boat

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The other day Mel's parents came into town and invited us out on the boat with them. Even though I was on a long weekend of night shifts I jumped at the opportunity because Mel's parents are the best people to go out on the boat with; they read, relax and her dad will always go for a swim... just overall chill and the atmosphere is always so much fun and super relaxing. On this particular day we didn't bring any tubes or the wakeboard but instead we just anchored and swam, sunbathed and chatted. They all had a few beers but since I was working later that night I sadly could not indulge. The day was hot, hovering around 90 degrees but the warm breeze and cold water made it bearable. On a side note, I love the hat I'm wearing so much, I recently picked it up from REI when I was in there getting some gear for a trip coming up and thought it would be perfect for future fly fishing trips to keep the sun out of my eyes. On our way out, I accidentally tried to take it off while we were flying across the water and it literally flew off my head and ended up in the river way behind the boat, we circled the boat around and miraculously got it, thankfully it floated. I was giggling as we attempted multiple times to circle back around to the hat that was helplessly bobbing in the water because none of us really wanted to jump in and swim to get it. Everyone had their arms out the side of the boat and was trying to get it. Mel eventually snatched it. 
I love being on boats. Literally, love it. When I was younger my family used to go sailing down in Bath, North Carolina and when I was in high school I spent many weekends with my boyfriend wakeboarding, tubing, fishing and deep sea fishing and they were some of my favorite weekends. I even went to a boaters safety course and got my boating license! I may love the mountains but put me in a boat and I am one happy, HAPPY girl. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We are officially a month away from our trip out west and our itinerary has finally been finalized (I've really procrastinated on this trip planning). I was having trouble deciding on what to do with the last half of our trip BUT we will be staring in Glacier NP before heading up to Canada to spend some time in Banff, Jasper and Yoho NP's with my parents. Then we're heading back down through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and ending with a few days in Denver with my best friend before coming home! Surprisingly the logistics have been easy to figure out, especially because we're low-key backpacking, camping or renting minimalist cabins the entire time. Compared to planning Iceland this has been an absolute breeze and I can't believe it's only a month away. Damn how time flies.
- Jess