Gear Review: EcoVessel Double Barrel Insulated Mug 👍

Stainless Steel, 16 oz Double Barrel Insulated Coffee / Beer Mug |

It just so happens I live two seconds away from one of the best places to watch the sunset in the city. This means that a few times a week I walk over and watch the sun sink below the horizon. On multiple of these trips I've started taking along my EcoVessel Double Barrel Insulated tea/coffee/beer mug. Since I've used it over a dozen times I thought I'd throw a little gear review out.

What I liked: even when I pour hot water (not boiling) in this mug it keeps it warm for extended periods of time. Same goes for a cold drink except I haven't had the chance to try a beer. I'm weirdly the kind of person that even when it gets up to 75 degrees I like to have a lukewarm cup of tea? BUT in my experience with outdoor mugs "double barrel" products keep drinks colder/hotter for longer and this mug did not disappoint. Also, I love the big handle on the side that comfortably fits in your hands even with gloves on.

What I don't like: how small it its! But that isn't their fault ;) I will definitely be ordering a bigger size because I always wish I had double the liquid than the 16oz. Luckily, on their website you can find the perfect mug to fit your desired needs. I'm also looking at that growler with a tea infuser? Yum, sounds rightttt up my ally.

Find your perfect Double Barrel Mug HERE -

Overall I'm a fan of this mug. It's lightweight, which is perfect for camping and backpacking trips; the handle is big, so even the chunkiest of gloves can't stop you from wrapping your fingers around a warm cup of coffee; and it keeps your drinks piping hot or ice cold (or just warm!) for forever. 

Cheers to EcoVessel! I am a fan.