Fly Fishing The Rapidan River


Whattttt a perfect day for fly fishing. I mean seriously... it was 65 degrees, clear blue skies, gentle wind- perfection. But it was also one of those days when I pulled out my camera and realized I had forgotten my SD card. A few cuss words were said, but luckily iPhone cameras aren't too shabby and I was able to snap videos and pictures all day long. 

We decided to head back to the Rapidan River to try our luck. We arrived around noon, suited up (yes I know my size small waders are, like, huge on me) and started our trek up the river. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot, some hikers, other anglers, but we didn't encounter too many people as we were wandering along the river bank. This was my second time out fly fishing and I'm seriously so thankful Michael is my teacher because A. it's hard and B. I tend to get frustrated sometimes. I observed him a little bit, had him help guide my casts and I practiced on my own; I feel like I'm (kinda) getting better at casting...? For awhile I was very happy just sitting in the river and watching him cast, but only because I love the feel of cold water against waders. Throughout the day we would have bursts of hiking and we would work up a sweat so it felt so good to wade out in the river and sink down to my waist to let the cold water run around me and cool me off... or to just sit in it. Overall it was a really beautiful, relaxing day; perfect for a low-key day of fly fishing.

For directions on how to get to the river (there's also a pretty sweet hike too) go here

Also I'm officially obsessed with this V-neck from Patagonia. It keeps me a constant temperature, is super breathable, it's reversible and has quarter length sleeves which are perfect for when you're in the outdoors- especially fly fishing- beacause they don't get in the way or caught on anything.