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We are the future Snow’s and this blog is about our journey out west.

Born and raised in Virginia, but now living in Oregon, Snows Out West is a blog about our (Jess and Michael) adventures from one coast to another. Snows Out West was originally known as Appalachian Love and was created back when Jess was a sophomore in college. Originally just meant as a hiking/adventure diary, the website took on a life of it’s own when Jess started receiving daily emails containing questions from people seeking advice for getting outside in Virginia and the surrounding area. A few short years later, Michael came into the picture and brought with him his love of fly fishing and the outdoors as well as an extra set of hands on the camera. We have been together for over five years now and live in Oregon where we are absolutely spoiled being surrounded by so many amazing places to explore. If we sound overly giddy with happiness in any of our adventure recaps, it’s because living in a Pacific Northwest paradise is amazing in our east coast eyes. Once we moved to Oregon we realized the blog name Appalachian Love no longer fit, and the name was changed to Snows Out West.

Other than adventure recaps you can always find gear reviews and resources to help you get outside whether you need help selecting the perfect backpacking backpack or want to know what we thought about our latest gear investment. In addition, Jess does freelance work for companies creating digital content for social media and/or blogs.

We’re so happy you stopped by!

                                                   - Jess & Michael

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