Paddleboarding with Isle Surf & SUP

Bear Valley Pursuit Series Day 2 Jess Fischer GoPro.png
All pictures shot on a GoPro Hero 4 Black

All pictures shot on a GoPro Hero 4 Black

Paddle boarding is one of those things I don't get to do a lot but I seriously love to do it. At Pursuit Series one of the activities was paddle boarding with Isle Surf & Sup and I immediately signed up. Luckily we got into the afternoon session so the smoke that settled into the valley overnight pushed out with the warming temperatures. The first few minutes of the paddle sesh, the Isle staff went over safety and how to properly use a paddle board. The paddle boards were inflatable but felt rock solid under our feet; we really couldn't tell the difference. We quickly got out on the water and on our way. The best part of the day was the rope swing on the edge of the lake! I went off twice and boy did that thing launch me. Our hour of paddling was over too soon (time flies when you're on the water) and we loaded back up into the bus. The expereince really left me wishing I could afford two paddle boards right now, but after a huge cross country move the board is not in the budget. HA!

A little about Isle Surf & Sup

Isle Surf & Sup is all about the stoke that comes with getting out on the water. They strive to make quality boards and they now have one of the largest online retailers of paddle boards and surfboards in the world. Their inflatable boards are perfect for the adventurer who doesn't have a lot of space and the price point isn't atrocious either. See the picture for the inflatable board set broken down below:


Overall I was really impressed with the entire staff, and how friendly and stoked they were to be outdoors teaching others how to paddle. And I loved the boards... a lot. I loved how they broke down and could be carried on your back to make it to the most remote locations for some seriously fun adventures. 

We're currently saving up for some boards right now and once we get them you'll be seeing us out on the water a lot more in the Pacific Northwest!