Sandboarding in Huacachina

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While we were in Huacachina we spent one afternoon out in the desert sand boarding and riding around on dune buggies. To say we had fun would be an understatement. Each dune buggy has 8 seats and the drivers love to make you scream and fly around on the sand. For a few hours of fun it was $15 USD. We stayed out until almost sunset and it was absolutely beautiful!! Our group had two Aussie girls, twins from England, a guy from Ireland and a couple from Canada and we were all together for a few days while using PeruHop.

Also- if you’re looking to legitimately sand board, make sure to ask for the *real* boards before heading out. The ones they give you are basically pieces of wood with fabric straps. They also give you a stick of wax to wax the board in between runs but… yeah, they definitely were not that great haha. Also the dunes are SO tall! Oh my gosh, standing at the top of the biggest dune before going down for the first time was so nerve racking. Everyone in the group was like… “how are we not going to die down this hill?!” but we were totally fine and had an absolute blast.

To book your own dune buggy tour go here.