Lake James State Park Campground

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I ended up booking this long weekend around midnight the night before we left. I jumped onto and quickly scanned the Pisgah NF area and found ONE campground available for the long weekend at Lake James State Park. We were ecstatic. Lake-front and hike-in only meant that we would be having an insanely peaceful weekend of camping. I love hike-in campsites because it deters a lot of people with kids or who only camp when they can unload a car onto the campsite. While I don’t personally have anything against kids, kids at campgrounds are loud as hell and sometimes can ruin a really peaceful vibe. Additionally since you had to hike to the campgrounds that meant no cars could pull in and out all day long and into the night… so even more peaceful! We booked campground 8 and it was perfectly situated right on the water and looked out over the lake and beyond to the Linville Gorge Wilderness. If you book a campground I highly recommend booking campgrounds 4-8 because these campgrounds look out over the larger part of the lake and to the mountains beyond. Campsite 4 is by far the best campground with uninterrupted views of the lake and a huge picnic area.

Also, from the campsite there are multiple hiking trails you can jump on and hike to various outlooks around the lake! There is also a beautiful bath house with lots of sinks, hot showers and toilets.

To reserve the campground go to and search “Lake James Campground.” Make sure you select the hike-in campground.

To read more about Lake James State Park go HERE.