Hiking to Crabtree Falls, North Carolina

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We spent a long weekend down in the Pisgah National Forest and decided to do the quick three mile hike to Crabtree Falls. Although the valley was full of green leaves, as we made our way up to the Blue Ridge Parkway the leaves faded away and the bare forest once again emerged. We parked near the Amphitheatre in the Crabtree Campground and started our hike from there. We chose to hike the entire loop rather than the quick hike to the waterfall and back. The hike immediately starts to descend into Big Crabtree Creek Gorge and there are even staircases in a few places to get you down the steep parts. You’ll quickly hike up to the beautiful 50ft waterfall. Since it was mid-spring when we hiked this trail, little flowers were blooming everywhere and the waterfall was fat with water sliding down the surface of the rocks. Mist swirled off in all directions and dampened everything in sight. After taking some pictures and enjoying the view we continued on with the loop. As you hike up and around the waterfall you’ll get a good view of the upper part of the waterfall that is about 20-30 feet of additional falling water. The trail kept with the creek for a good part of the hike back to the parking lot before finally looping around and spitting us back out in the campground.

I highly recommend this hike if you have time! Try to go during the week or in the off season if you can. I’ve heard this trail and waterfall can be incredibly crowded during the warmer months and especially on weekends.

For more information and directions for this hike go HERE.