peru travel.jpg

I have never in my life planned a vacation so soon before we left! We leave tomorrow and the excitement/nervousness that always comes with going somewhere new is setting in. I haven't packed yet but I did pull out things that I want to bring with me. We're only bringing backpacks so selecting a few pieces of versatile clothing has been really hard for me! These few little things are some of my favorite extras I packed.

  • Orvis Wool Felt Hat - I love this hat and it's perfect for any type of activity from hiking to running errands. The hat is made in Fall River, MA, at one of the last hat manufacturers left in the United States! The band inside is moisture wicking which I love and it really looks good on everyone.
  • Ray Ban Sunglasses - I'm actually not a huge fan of these sunglasses. While they're fine for driving or doing things where you don't have to move (eating outside for example), they're not good if you're moving around. Also they slide down my face too easily and the arms are too wide for my head (and my head is not that small). It's very possible I need to get them fixed? But they're not the greatest glasses for travel. I've been meaning to get a new pair!
  • Leather World Map Travel Journal - I love this little journal and bring it with me whenever I travel. I'm not big on keeping a journal but when we travel I try really hard to write down something from each day. It's a work in progress. But how BEAUTIFUL is this journal? It's hand made in Spain and you can customize it!
  • Sony Alpha a6000 - I just bought this camera and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I really needed something smaller for hiking and traveling and this camera could not be more perfect. I wish I had made the switch to a mirrorless system years ago. This trip will be my first time testing it out and I'm so excited! I'll write more about it once I have a little bit more experience with it!