Well... It's Been a Month...


It’s been a minute and I apologize... At the beginning of the year I had made the decision to go full speed with the blog and it honestly became way too overwhelming way too fast. A hobby I once loved has turned into something tedious and so I am scaling back…

I am no longer going to post duplicated hikes. Michael and I have been hitting a lot of hikes and fly fishing spots I’ve already posted about multiple times. In the past few months we’ve mainly been fly fishing which I love to post about, but sometimes I just need to not have my camera out and focus on what’s going on. On days we fish or hike places we’ve already been you can expect an Instagram story!

I am only going to be accepting one product a month from brands that I will be writing reviews on. I was getting overwhelmed with receiving products and feeling like I needed to review all of them and because of that I felt like I was really falling short. The outdoor industry is not an industry where you can use something once and write a review. Hiking boots need a few months to break in and be tested, tents need to be tested in different weather and environments… you get the point.

I WILL be posting all of our little road trips coming up and our second big trip we have planned for later this summer.

I WILL be continuing on with my Appalachian Love Spotlight posts about other people that love the outdoors.

I WILL be focusing more on resource-based posts to help you plan adventures and buy the best gear. I also will be posting more hiking clothing/workout clothing that I purchase as well.

In the next few days I’ll start posting a TON of content from our trip to Peru!!

It feels good to be back after a MONTH of no blogging!