Monday Motivation: Balance

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, Canada

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, Canada

Hello and happy Monday! I hope this post finds you all happy and ready to tackle this next week. Today's topic is going to be balance. Balance has been a goal of mine for the last year and I'm continuing to work on that goal throughout 2018.

I personally believe balance is so important in life, in every aspect of your life. The best way for me to describe this is in bullet points so:

  • People say to love unconditionally but sometimes if the person you love is toxic for you or isn't supportive of you, it can end up hurting you and causing a lot of stress and pain; there are some relationships you need to be strong enough to let go of.
  • The past few years people have been very into health and fitness which is AMAZING but with everything, even health, there needs to be a healthy balance. Working out every single day of the week is not healthy because there is no balance and you need rest days (I used to struggle with giving myself rest days!). Find a healthy balance where you are getting stronger but not overworking yourself.
  • Diet! What you eat is so important and I think that people strive to look a certain way rather than feel a certain way. Nourish your body with whole, organic foods but also allow yourself a donut, night out, etc.! I know I do... Also make sure you're eating enough calories! Not too many, not too few, keep it balanced ;)
  • Some people are social butterflies or simply can't stand being alone. Constantly being surrounded by other people's energy can be exhausting and you really need to learn to be alone with yourself and your own thoughts. Always make time for yourself and learn to balance "you time" with social time. Go on a walk, run or take yourself out to coffee, whatever it is just do it alone.
  • Relationships... this is a big one. I wholeheartedly believe that someone should mean the world to you, but not be the center of your world. Your relationships should be balanced with interests of both parties involved. If you're the kind of person who throws yourself into a relationship and becomes completely absorbed with the other person and never stop to take care of yourself, this is unbalanced. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go above and beyond for someone else, it simply means you can't lose yourself in someone else and forget about yourself.
  • Your space. If you have your own apartment look at how your space is set up. I don't believe in having TVs in bedrooms (for so many reasons)* and for me, personally, having a TV in the living room only is a good balance for our space. De-clutter if you're able to as well! You never want to feel overwhelmed while you're relaxing at home.
  • Your thoughts. This one is kinda tricky for me to explain but I'll try. You don't want to be thinking too far into the future, or about things that have happened in the past. You want to be in the present. Additionally, try to quell any negative thoughts you may have on a regular basis, be nice to yourself and take a few minutes every day to think about all the things you appreciate in your life.

I hope those made sense as little examples of balance. My challenge for you this week is to pick one thing that could use a little bit more balance in your life and focus on bringing that something back to the center. For me this will be my thoughts. I have a bad habit of looking forward to, and thinking about, things in the future instead of being present in the moment.

Have a good week!



* In my experience people tend to get very upset when I suggest having a TV in the bedroom is not a good idea. I totally understand everyone's reasons for wanting a TV in the bedroom... it's cozy to lay in bed and watch TV, convenient, etc. However, I challenge you to do some research of your own and you may end up agreeing with me that there are no benefits of having a TV in the most important room in your apartment/house. Also, if the idea of removing a television from the bedroom really upsets you, ask yourself why you are so attached to having that device in such an intimate space. (For those of you who are into feng-shui, a TV's energy is yang and your bedroom should be yin)