Hi! Update!


(Above are some images from our last weekend in New York!)

Hi. I feel like an update is necessary because last year I promised that I would be better at posting this year and so far I haven't been. These first few weeks of 2018 have been really important to me because I've been taking a step back and setting some goals for 2018 and where I want this blog to go. This blog has been teetering on the edge for me; this year marks six years since I began the blog. Honestly it's gotten a lot more attention than I ever thought it would and I needed to decide if I wanted to start spending more time on it, accepting more product endorsements and treating it like another job or keeping it as just a hobby where I only post 2-3 times a month. Both options are so appealing for different reasons but the ultimate decision has been to treat it like another job (unless I can't keep up and then it's going back to being a hobby). It's been a lot or work but I think it'll be worth it in the end. With that being said we have some really awesome projects we're working on right now but they won't be released until February/March!!

A new series I have launched is called Appalachian Love Spotlight, or AL Spotlight. Every single week I'll be featuring someone on my blog and asking them questions about their love for the outdoors and what drives them. I've been really excited about this series!!

Also you'll be seeing some more trail running posts! It's something I've been getting into and it's been a ton of fun. Nothing has challenged me more physically and I've really been wanting to pick up a new outdoor hobby in 2018.

In two weeks I'll be on my first hiking trip of the year with my sister in Zion National Park. I'm so excited about this trip because it will be my first time in the desert!! We're doing a sisters trip for her birthday and we'll be hiking and hanging out. Very low key, but very excited!

In a month Michael and I will be going on our first vacation of the year to South America!! We're both really excited- neither of us have been to South America before!! I'm especially excited because once we're there it's so cheap... my mind was blown when I was researching logistics once we're there. For example a nice beach front apartment is like $30 a night and flying within the country is unbelievably cheap! We decided on two weeks instead of longer for a few reasons... Two years ago when we were in Iceland we felt two weeks was the perfect amount of time to relax, unwind and explore. Last summer I thought three weeks would be a lot of fun but honestly after two weeks I was ready to head home (*cough* I missed my cat *cough*) especially because we had been hiking, backpacking and camping nonstop. Also, by only doing two weeks now we were able to also do a vacation later in the year. Win-win for us!

So with these two trips and some other local hikes and shoots I promise there will be lots of new content coming in the near future! Just bear with me for a few more weeks so I can get some posts scheduled and written up :)

We'll have a few other things going on later in the year but for now I'll stop there with updating y'all. As I mentioned in my year in review from 2017, Michael and I really held off on vacationing last year and just did one big, three week vacation out west and then shorter east coast road trips in order to save some money to do more fun things in 2018... and it's crazy that these two trips are already on the horizon. Where does time go??