Love Your Adventure



I’ve been thinking for a long time now what kind of hashtag I want to start using for Appalachian Love. Obviously #APPALACHIANLOVE is a given, because, well it’s the name of my blog, duh. But I wanted another hashtag that followers could use for their adventures and I’ve settled on #LOVEYOURADVENTURE for a few reasons. For starters I believe everyone should love their own adventure. In a world where we’re inundated with social media and what other people are doing, I think it’s easy to lose sight of your own blessings and how awesome your life is. I briefly struggled with this; about a year ago, for about a month I got really caught up in what everyone else on social media was doing. I quickly recognized the negative thinking and deleted my Facebook and made a private Instagram account where I could control who could see my personal lifeand now I only follow people I care to keep up with. Since then I’ve also deleted my Snapchat. Obviously I have the Instagram for my blog but I usually don’t spend much time on it, except to post and to answer questions sent through DMs. Although my experience was short-lived it made me wonder if other people also compare their lives to other peoples because of social media. I’ve found that other people do and for some people, it can be a toxic hell. So, #loveyouradventure is a reminder to love YOUR adventure whatever it may be. Count your blessings and be happy for everything you have.

So, lovely little adventurers, whether you’re going on an evening walk with your pup or thru hiking the Appalachian Trail, taking your children on their first hike or traveling the world, tag #LOVEYOURADVENTURE and  remember to be thankful for every adventure,  big or small, and the greatest adventure and blessing of all, YOUR LIFE!


p.s. I swear I'm working on getting the rest of the content for our trip up. I've just been a lil' busy lately and also a lil' lazy with blogging. I will get it up, PROMISE!