A Quick Stop at Bow Lake


Bow Lake is a quick stop off the Icefields Parkway, before you arrive to Peyto Lake. There are amazing views of the lake right off the side of the road, with a medium-sized parking lot that is always full no matter what time. Photographers flock to this lake for sunrises because the lake is so eerily still during the early mornings, it acts as a mirror. Even with the smoke from the local forest fires this lake was absolutely stunning!

To the right of the lake (if your facing the lake from the Parkway) is theNum-Ti-Jah Lodge which has a full service restaurant and rooms you can rent. Behind the lodge you'll find the trail to Bow Glacier Falls. The trail to Bow Glacier Falls is about 9km with 155m of elevation gain and will take you to a waterfall above the lake that flows off of the rapidly receding Bow Glacier. To read more about the hike go here.