What I Packed for Three Weeks of Hiking Out West

I've always been really good at packing light. Mainly because I have no sense of style and I wouldn't know how to put together cute outfits if I tried (I wish I could!) so I stick to the basics and barely pack anything. Luckily for me I'm an adventure blogger and not a fashion blogger, HA! But with that said, I definitely know how to pack for an adventurous trip! You really just need the basics. To get an idea of what I packed for: we are trekking through Montana, Canada, Wyoming and Colorado. Also FYI, barely any of my backpacking gear or fly fishing gear is shown (I'll do a separate post on that) and this is just what I would bring if I were only going to be hiking the whole time! So, here is a list of what I packed for our trip! Products are linked below :)

  1. Orvis Wool Felt Hat (only because I had some extra room in my pack)
  2. Nikon D3300 camera
  3. Leggings (2); one thin pair, one thicker pair
  4. Bathing suit (I also brought a bathing suit bottom to wear with my sports bras)
  5. Long sleeves (3); one thin, one medium, one thick & warm
  6. Sports Bras (2) - these can double as bathing suit tops!
  7. T-shirt (1-2) NO cotton
  8. GoPro Hero 4 Black
  9. My "Emergency Kit" - just has chapstick, tampons, bandaids, anti-itch cream, Neosporin, bobby pins, extra hairbands and sometimes cash
  10. Passport and Canada 150 Pass!! - had to add these in for fun
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Waterproof Watch
  13. Hiking socks (at least 5 pairs)
  14. Hat
  15. Tank tops (3-4)
  16. Day Pack - normally I would bring my normal backpack but since we are also backpacking I couldn't bring both my backpack and my backpacking backpack. To cut back on weight and size I brought this one because it folds down very small and takes up no room.
  17. Headlamp - In case you get caught after sunset and to use while camping
  18. Hammock (optional) - great for relaxing anywhere
  19. Water Bottle - this one can be filled with water from any source; it has a straw that filters out all bacteria and viruses 
  20. Backpacking Towel - always great to have in your pack for impromptu swims
  21. Mini backup filtration system 
  22. (not pictured) Shorts (2 pairs)
  23. (not pictured) Rain jacket
  24. Lightweight Camera Tripod
  25. (not pictured) Down Jacket (1)
  26. (not pictured) Sandals (1 pair) Tevas, Chacos, or something like that...

Stay tuned for some trip updates later this week!!!