Stiles Falls


This little waterfall has always been on my map of places to go in Virginia but I never found myself in the vicinity with time to check it out. But that all changed when a few days ago my brother and I headed down to southern Virginia to go backpacking. We pit stopped at Stiles Falls to do the short hike (3 miles round trip) to the waterfall and back. It was a really fun hike with lots of creek crossings, overgrown Virginia forests and cold water. We had the waterfall all to ourselves despite the fact that there were multiple other cars in the parking area. We swam briefly (the water was fah-reezing) before hiking back to the car to continue on our way. A few things to know about Stiles Falls:

1. It is located on private property but they allow access to the waterfall, you must sign your name on the sheet pinned to the wooden kiosk in the parking area - you won't miss it.

2. The waterfall is only accessible when summer and winter camps are not in session. During the summer and winter when camps are in session you cannot hike to the waterfall M-F. Find the camp schedule here.

3. There are multiple creek crossings so if you hike this trail in the fall, winter or early spring, wear waterproof shoes or be very, very careful while crossing on the slippery rocks. In the summertime you can easily go barefoot (which we opted to do) but be careful about glass along the trail and near the river.

This is a great waterfall and has a wonderful swimming hole underneath it! I definitely recommend going if you're ever in the area. Find more information on the hike here

- Jess