Nantahala River


This is the last post I'll be doing from our time in the Smokies because the rest of my pictures are kinda scattered from other little things we did while we were there. We spent one of our days on the Nantahala River and it was seriously so gorgeous. I really wish I had gotten my actual camera out a little bit more and taken some good pictures because the ones I have just don't do it justice, and I didn't take any from the second half of the day. The river cascaded down into deep plunge pools in many sections and there were lots of little waterfalls with swimming holes underneath them. This river was also at a bit higher of an elevation so you can see the trees were nowhere near as green as they were in the surrounding valleys. The water was absolutely freezing and within 3 minutes of my feet being in the water my toes would go numb. This might have been my most frustrating day every fly fishing! The water was so clear that we could see the trout hanging out in the river and they really weren't taking anything we were throwing out. We tried every dry fly, midges, everything. A few times I would throw something and I'd see a trout go for it but right as it got near the fly it would lose interest and casually swim away. I managed to get a few on the line (so did Michael) but those suckers were insane and would flip off (most likely a result of me not setting the hook well enough). I have a ton of learning I still need to do! Regardless it was a really fun day out on the river and I learned so much, including how many times I can drop them F-bomb within a 6 hour period. After we were done for the day we headed back to Bryson City and decided to head to Nantahala Brewing for a few beers. The brewery pleasantly surprised us and Michael and I both enjoyed our beers thoroughly! I even picked up a four pack to bring back home to RVA.
We really had a blast while down in the Smokies. Although we didn't catch any fish, every time you go fly fishing you further your skills at the sport regardless of whether or not you catch any fish, which is a huge reason why I love the sport so much! We promised each other we would go back again soon but we'll see if that actually happens because we both have a few other places we want to visit along the east coast. Hopefully we'll be able to do another 5-day weekend maybe sometime next spring? We will see, we will see.