Our First Christmas Tree!


Hi everyone! So I've been really MIA. I haven't been hiking a lot recently which is OKAY because I've had one heck of a year and I really want to take these last few weeks to relax and take a breather before we dive into 2017! I've been gone almost every weekend I've had off of work for the ENTIRE year. That's seriously insane. On top of that, for the past few months Michael has been studying like crazy so we haven't been able to do as much together. Now that he's done studying we've been spending lots of time together, getting ready for Christmas and just soaking up these last few weeks of the year together. 2016 has been yet another amazing year for both of us and we can't wait to see what 2017 has to bring!

Anyways this past weekend we headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway to get a Christmas tree at Skylark Nature Preserve. I've driven by this place dozens of times on my way to different hikes but never knew there was a Christmas tree farm! When researching farms in Virginia it happened to pop up and I immediately knew this is where we were going to go for our first tree. I'm kinda a sucker for making certain experiences memorable and getting our first Christmas tree together was no exception. Also, Michael had never been to a Christmas tree farm where you cut down your own tree so I knew we'd have to do that as well. The location was perfect. We were in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the air was thick with the smell of pine (not only were there trees to cut but the farm was surrounded by big, old Appalachian pines), and there weren't a lot of people. The views were amazing and when we drove up, the owner had a big fire going, gave us a saw and some twine and literally said "Every tree is fair game. If you like the top 8 feet of a 12 foot tree just cut it halfway up the trunk." Also every tree was $50 no matter what size you got which made it really easy to pay at the end. You bag your own tree and tie it up on your car so we really got the whole experience! We were all smiles the entire time there as we trolled around for the perfect tree. Michael and I rarely explore the same place twice (we don't have a single place that's "our spot") so we probably won't go back here for a few years in order to check out some other farms in Virginia BUT I highly recommend going here for a tree! Since the farm is on the Blue Ridge Parkway it would be so easy to make a day out of if and do a hike before hand since there are so many close by!

For more information on the Christmas tree farm go here.