A Snowy Day in Shenandoah


So this last Sunday was a bit, disorganized, for lack of a better word. We had originally planned on going snowboarding for the afternoon at Wintergreen until we looked up lift passes and it was $69 a person for a half day aka 4 hours. I mean, this is just my personal opinion but Wintergreen is small, most of their black diamonds are closed and all the snow is fake so WHY does it cost SEVENTY dollars for FOUR hours of lift access? I mean, I get it, they have a bottom line but good gosh that is a steeep price for what you're getting. Anyways, we both decided we didn't feel like spending $70 each for a few hours of slushie-ice-boarding and headed out to Shenandoah National Park instead. We originally planned to hike the Rocky Mount Trail but I completely read the directions wrong and thought it was a 3.5 mile round trip when in reality it was 7 miles round trip. Thankfully we figured this out pretty fast and back tracked to the car to figure out what we could do in the few hours we had before the sunset that didn't include hiking back in the dark without headlamps. We opted to hike up Bearfence Mountain because Michael had never been and it started snowing! It was a perfect, quick easy hike and watching the snow swirl around us and across the mountains was pretty cool. Afterwards we happily wound our way down Skyline Drive with the snow creating a soft blanket across the landscape. I wish it snowed more in Virginia, it gives the mountains and landscape depth that's seriously lacking when everything is dead and brown during the winter months.We were also going to stay for sunset but since it started to snow we were socked in and there was no chance of seeing anything resembling a sunset... so we ended up heading back down into the valley where we stopped by a few cute little antique shops. We ended our day with Christian's Pizza (the best damn za in Richmond) and of course some brews.

- Jess