Our Iceland Trip Video

Hey all and Happy Monday! Today I'm throwing up my final trip recap. I've watched it once (or twice) every day since making it and I love, love, LOVE being able to look back at our trip (even though it was two weeks ago). A lot of locations are left out of the video because I didn't film everywhere we went. Also, a lot of video footage was left out of the final public video because there's a big part of me that loves to keep things to my personal self.

If you want to see pictures from the trip check out my Iceland page. I've been trying to consistently update it with pictures but the process is going slow as I get back into my normal day-to-day routine at home.

I work almost every single day this week which is unusual but on my day off I'm hoping to get out to do a hike and watch a sunset. Maybe there will be some fall colors starting to show too!!