Hraunfossar is seriously cool. In a nutshell you have water that is gushing out of a lava field and when water comes out of lava fields it's basically been uber-purified and the water looks magical. The lava field is named Hallmundarhraun and it was created after an eruption of one of the volcanoes lying under the glacier Langjökull. The whole stretch of waterfalls is about 2,000ft (900 meters) long and the water underneath the falls is an unbelievable shade of blue. This waterfall was super, super cool. 

When we got to the waterfall there were two tour buses full of people and the trail beside the waterfall was PACKED. Fall is a really popular time to visit this waterfall for photographer because the oranges and reds of the foliage is an amazing contrast against the aqua blue water. However minutes after we arrived it started absolutely pouring down rain. Michael and I continued to walk around and up the river for a little bit but everyone else scurried back to their cars (the parking lot is legit a couple feet away- easy access). When we came back down to the main lookout it was totally empty and the rain had let up/stopped so we had the view all to ourselves! Afterwards we went into the little restaurant thing and got a piece of delicious chocolate cake and some coffee to warm up. It was the perfect stop on our way up to the Westfjords! 

Also, after we saw the waterfall we drove down the river a few hundred feet and pulled off the side of the road. We both skipped rocks for awhile and took a picture together (one of two pictures we got together) before reluctantly packing up our stuff and heading back to the car to continue on our journey.