Black Sand Beach in Vik


We went down to the black sand beaches after getting settled in our first day in Vik but before we made dinner. We had a few quick rain showers pass over but for the most part it was just cold and windy. The beaches are amazing and I am obsessed with them. There's basically no sand, just smooth, round black rocks that range from big chunks to small little pebbles smaller than your fingernail. The way the ocean sounds when it runs over the rocks is amazing, like a million little gurgling streams but more musical. Additionally high tide was moving in so we watched and listened as the waves slammed into the cliffs beside the ocean and millions of sea birds that nested in the very tops of the cliff were circling overhead.

This portion of the beach can be accessed from the town of Vik. There are a few parking areas along the beach were you can drive up and just hop out of the car and take a walk. We had planned to go to the other section of the beach on the other side of those cool rocks out in the distance but our second day ended up running well past sunset so we never made it out.