Swimming in Spouts Run Waterfall


^^ old picture from two years ago- where does time go??

I wrote a little piece on this swimming hole about two years ago so I thought it was about time to do another review. This spot is so special to me. It took me a really long time to share it with others who didn't know about it because I didn't want people there who didn't appreciate the beauty and energy of the area. Despite my reservations word about this swimming hole spread like wildfire so it quickly became a crowded destination on a hot summers day. However, you can sometimes visit this little spot and have the entire area to yourself like Michael and I did this past weekend. This waterfall, although it looks hidden, is actually in plain sight beside a back country road. The creek that flows over the falls is called Spout Run and it runs parallel beside the Shenandoah River for quite awhile before gently merging with the river downstream from the upper falls. There are two sets of falls, the upper falls (pictures 1, 3, 5, 6) and then the lower falls (pictures 2 and 4). The upper falls have a deep swimming hole below the falls and I think this waterfall is the most beautiful. You can swim in the base of the falls but my favorite part is the small overhang to the left of the main falls with a rock bench underneath that allows you to sit almost behind the waterfall. Some people jump from the top of the falls into the swimming hole but I don't recommend doing this because of the branches and rocks that have fallen into the base of the swimming hole. The lower falls are a little bit smaller but there's a rope swing and this is where the creek runs out into the Shenandoah River. You can either swim in the swimming hole under the swing or lounge in a floaty further down the stream. If the water from Spout Run is too cold from you, this is where you can wade out into the Shenandoah River to find water that is usually about 10 degrees warmer during the summer.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: This area is posted NO TRESPASSING. Please enter this area at your own risk and get the property owners permission before accessing the waterfall and surrounding area. Appalachian Love is not responsible for the well being or actions of those past this point and does not condone trespassing.

Please, if you visit this location be safe. Take a few minutes before snapping a million pictures to appreciate your surroundings, how beautiful the waterfalls are and the amazing energy of the area. Please don't leave beer cans or trash and don't destroy the property. I'm only sharing this adventure because I know how excited I was the first time it was shown to me, I would be heart broken if I shared it with someone who didn't respect the outdoors!


Coordinates and directions for the upper falls: 39.067196, -78.003763 are the coordinates for the road. As you are driving you will see an area on the right of the road where cars have pulled off. On the left you will see a gap in the trees and No Trespassing signs. Right to the left of these signs and clearing you will see a narrow dirt path that leads steeply downhill. Follow this down about 30 feet and you are at the base of the falls!

Coordinates and directions for the lower falls: 39.070982, -78.003467 are the coordinates for the road by the lower falls. If coming from the upper falls you will go back down the road and pass a house on your right. A couple hundred yards later you will see a grassy area that looks like cars have pulled off in the past. If coming from the opposite direction, it will be on your left going towards the upper falls. There will be a No Trespassing sign and right under that sign you will see a path that leads back into the woods. Follow this path about 30 feet and you will come to where the creek meets the Shenandoah River. Look up to your right and you will see the waterfall and rope swing.

For more information (and some sweet pictures) go here.

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