Sunset at Ravens Roost Overlook


Mid 60 degrees, warm breezes rising from the valley below, cool breezes blowing off of the nearby mountains, bundled up in a jacket in August- pinch me. It's sunsets like these that keep me coming back to Shenandoah late in the afternoon. This overlook is at MP 11 on the Blue Ridge Parkway and it's called Ravens Roost Overlook. You probably would recognize it with that amazing tree that sits at the edge of the cliffs. My friend (Brandon- the photographer behind Blue Ridge Imagery, his insta is linked above) and I visited this overlook after hiking to Shamokin Falls earlier that day. This overlook is so easy to get to- you just pull off and walk a couple hundred feet to the left of the parking lot or follow the little trail to the right of the parking lot below the overlook. No matter where you decide to sit you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views and if you're lucky, an amazing sunset.