Hiking Twin Pinnacles


Dang I just realized I haven't posted in about two weeks! Life has been pretty busy which is always good but since blogging isn't my job it always gets pushed to the back burner. Let me get you all up to speed. I had to work a long weekend of night shifts (Friday-Sunday, 7pm-7am) all Memorial Day weekend so I was really sad that I missed out on all the fun holiday weekend activities. This trip to the Grayson Highlands and Mount Rogers National Recreation Area was the perfect way to lift my spirits. Plus, since it was the weekend after Memorial Day the park had a lot fewer people and we had this hike and outlooks completely to ourselves! Above are pictures from our hike to Twin Pinnacles which is a short, easy trail to see two aahhhmazing views in Grayson Highlands State Park. Perfect for all ages and activity levels. 

Further directions for this hike: park at the Visitor Center. Don't stress when you get to the parking lot and can't see it, it's up the hill. Find a staircase and start climbing and you'll come to it quickly. If you're standing in front of the Visitor Center, the trailhead will be to the left and is marked by a post that says "Twin Pinnacles." Follow this trail and you'll quickly summit to the first of two outlooks. Keep following the trail to complete the 1.6 mile hike. Find a trail map here

It was interesting doing this hike because we both got winded almost immediately. If you've ever done this hike you'll understand how strange this is because the ground is basically flat with very little incline! We were both huffing and puffing and realized we must not be used to being 5,000ft above sea level (we both live in Richmond which is around 150 feet in elevation). I usually hike in Shenandoah and have absolutely no problem but I guess the 5,000 feet made a difference. Since we did this hike almost immediately after getting to the park our bodies hadn't produced enough hemoglobin (thanks for the chem lesson Michael) to get our bodies the amount of oxygen we needed to go on a simple walk. However after the first night we were totally good to go!

After we hiked to the Twin Pinnacles we hiked Cabin Creek Trail to do some fly fishing. There's a beautiful little waterfall a little ways down the trail!

More posts from our trip to come!