Hiking & Fly Fishing Cabin Creek Trail


Michael and I did this little hike after hiking Twin Pinnacles but before we had our sunset hike on the Rhododendron Trail while we were in the Grayson Highlands. This 1.7 mile hike is easy and great for fly fishing! The river is stocked with trout and along the way you'll see lots of little waterfalls and cascades. The fishing is touch; the trout are super skittish and will scoff at a poorly presented flies. We had no idea what was hatching and saw maybe two mayflies and a stone fly so we were trying anything we thought would work in the Blue Ridge for that time of year. We unfortunately didn't catch anything but that's okay because the trail was seriously so beautiful! The foliage was thick and lush- you can probably tell how dark it was under the trees although it was still quite bright outside. There were ferns covering the forest floor and the river was small but loud with was rushing water. Michael and I love spending extra time near mountain rivers and waterfalls (they're his favorite kinds of hikes), so on this hike we spent an extra long time at each little fishing hole and waterfall... he was fishing and I was messing with my brand new camera.
Directions for the hike: Starting at the Massie Gap Parking Area follow the paved road down towards the woods. You will see a metal pole with "Cabin Creek Trail" written on it. Follow the beaten path back into the woods until you come to a wooden kiosk. From here you continue straight and follow the trail all the way around- it's well traveled so you won't miss it.

Sometimes I laugh at how insanely packed our traveling itineraries are on our camping and backpacking trips. From the moment we arrive until the moment we leave we are hiking all over the place and trying to see as many things as we possibly can before we leave. On this particular afternoon we were able to arrive at the park, set up camp, hike to Twin Pinnacles, hike Cabin Creek Trail, and then have a sunset hike on the Rhododendron Trail all before making dinner and bunking down for the night. When we first started traveling together we definitely had to be really transparent with each other- when we were tired, when we needed a break, when we were in the mood to do more- and because of this over the past few years we've been able to gauge the perfect amount of activities for each trip...Which apparently is cramming a million things into a single day, weekend or longer! I love traveling with Michael so much; I've never had more fun in my life than when we're trekking to new places together and I'm so excited to explore Iceland for awhile with him in September!!

I'm working on getting these last few hikes from our trip to the Highlands up before posting our more recent hikes so bear with me! I'm not the greatest at keeping up with blogging haha.