Gear Review: MSR WhisperLite International Backpacking Stove

MSR WhisperLite International Backpacking Stove | Fuel Bottle | GSI Outdoors Hae Tea Kettle 

I received this little stove as a Christmas gift in 2014. One year later I'm finally getting around to writing a review because I feel like I've really tested it. 

What I love:  

  • This stove is light and packs down into a small sack. 
  • The different sized fuel bottles are so convenient because you never have to pack more fuel than you need.
  • Setting up the stove is a breeze and it cools down so fast that you can have it packed back up in no time. It boils water in under 5 minutes as well. 
  • It comes with a fold-able wind shield you can set up around the stove in high-wind conditions.

What I don't love: 

  • After lighting the stove the underside turns black and gets charred. It can easily be wiped off but it always ends up getting all over my hands which drives me insane. 
  • You have to buy an addition pot to boil water, contrary to backpacking stoves that come with vessels to boil water attached to the stove itself.

Overall I really enjoy using this little backpacking stove. We have used it backpacking, camping, hiking, etc. It's just so easy to throw into a backpack, set up and put away. I would absolutely recommend this product especially as a gift to your favorite outdoorsy person. I was SO excited to open this thing up on Christmas morning and it's been so handy ever since. Michael usually is the one who cooks for us in the back country and he says that it's great and he loves it!

* Setting up the stove is super easy but make sure you read the directions before attempting to set it up. Also- and this goes for any backpacking stove- even if you know you know how to light it make sure to test this thing at home for the first time, not in the back country!