Teleferico and Pichincha Volcano

(This post is by Erin, my sister and continues a few of her days in Ecuador.)

One of the day trips we did outside of Quito was to take the cable car, or Telerifico, up to the top of Pichincha Volcano, which overlooks the capital. The cable car is steep, and takes you from ~3,000 meters to 3,500 meters (read: really fucking high). It was the beginning of the trip and we were painfully not acclimated, so every fifteen feet felt like a mile. We planned to hike a bit further up the volcano at the top, but as neither of us is particularly ambitious when it comes to physical activity we opted for walking around the grasslands and taking some pictures. We took a cab to the bottom and then paid for the cable car to the top, the entire excursion ended up being about $12 a person. Well worth the view.