Hiking Little Stony Man


Along with going onto a four week rotation of night shifts I've had a bit of a nutty work schedule lately. Luckily I was able to make it out to Shenandoah National Park to hike Little Stony Man on Sunday for Mothers Day. It was a gorgeous day in the park with lots of families who had decided to do just the same as us and take their Mama's hiking for the day :) We arrived to the trailhead around noon and realized that we wouldn't be able to hike to the top of the Stony Man Outlook because of a sign warning us that no dogs were allowed to the main outlook. So, instead, we headed north on the Appalachian Trail to see the Little Stony Man outlook and then go below that to see the massive rock face below the outlook and then we looped around the mountain. This ended up being a great idea because the main trail up the Stony Man Outlook was super crowded while the trail to Little Stony Man barely had anyone on it. As you can see from the pictures the views are still great from the lower two outlooks and the loop around the mountain had tons of views the entire way around plus a few little spots where water is falling out of the rocks (may have just been because Shenandoah had a lot of rain in the last week). The entire hike we did without the main outlook was about 2.7 miles.
After our hike we drove 10 miles south to Big Meadows and had a impromptu picnic lunch with all the various food items we brought. Once lunch was over we said our goodbyes and I drove 54 miles to the southern entrance of Skyline Drive since I had time to burn. It was super cool to start where not all the trees were green yet and work my way south to where everything was completely green and beautiful!
For more information on the Stony Man/Little Stony Man Hike go here.