Fly Fishing the Rapidan River


Michael and I had some free time so we decided to head out to our favorite fly fishing river and see what we could catch. We hit the river after a straight weeks worth of rain and the Lower Rapidan was really flowing and felt colder than normal. It was a really beautiful afternoon with big clouds that would occasionally come and block the sun, birds were chirping and we were two of the only people fishing. We have this little hole we found that we can pull out trout every time we hit it no matter what. Micheal has pulled out the biggest trout he's fished in Shenandoah National Park from this hole and it's where I caught my first fish the other day! Well, I had a fish on my line before this one and we got him all the way up to the bank, Michael had basically pulled him out of the water, and the line snapped. Unfortunately we had forgotten our net otherwise that huge guy would've been my first fish!! I was bummed for awhile until I caught the brook trout above and it was official- I caught my first fish! After about 5-6 hours of fishing we headed back to Richmond and enjoyed a night of beer and hanging out with friends :)