Edgar Evins State Park Primitive Campground


 Tent | Hammock

Edgar Evins State Park Primitive Campground was the second camping spot for our trip and definitely our favorite camping spot at that. The campground is located on the edge of a beautiful mountain lake and from your campsite you're situated on a hill that looks directly west so you can watch the sunset! We got to our campsite a few minutes before the sun set so we rushed to get up the tent and hang up the hammock so we could enjoy a few beers and relax. You have to walk your gear down a couple hundred feet to your reserved campground (it's really not bad at all) from the parking lot. Since we set up camp the same day that we went to Burgess Falls State Park and hiked over eight miles to Virgin Falls we were totally tuckered out so I only took a few pictures before putting the camera away for the night. The campground was buzzing with all sorts of people that made for a wonderful atmosphere. We ended up crashing at around 10:30pm so I have no idea what time the rest of the area quieted down and went to bed, but I do know someone in the campground was snoring louder than I have ever heard another human being snore before. In the morning when we woke up, there was a fog hanging over the lake below so we opened up the tent for a few minutes and just watched the fog roll around. 

Edgar Evins State Park & Campgrounds is seriously a dreamy place to take a camping trip. Obviously you have the lake that you can fish in, swim in, and you can even rent a boat. The park has miles of hiking trails you can wander around and enjoy the view from different vantage points. If you can't tell from the pictures, you're in a mountainous area so the mountains surrounding the lake make for some killer scenery. There are also some really nice bathhouses with hot water, sinks, and toilets. Each bathhouse even has outdoor sinks where you can wash dishes and other camp gear. You can either stay at the primitive campground ($8 a night & what we did) or opt to stay at a site where you can back your car/trailer/RV into. Every campground has a view of the lake so you really can't go wrong.
If you don't mind longer drives each day to each waterfall I would recommend camping here the entire time. This campground was just so beautiful and being beside the lake was just so scenic- if we do this trip again we'll definitely be staying here again but for longer.
Website to book a campground: http://tnstateparks.com/parks/campground/edgar-evins
For more information on Edgar Evins State Park: http://tnstateparks.com/parks/about/edgar-evins

About that hammock: I'll be the first to admit sometimes I'll go a little bit overboard with buying camping and backpacking gear. I have been known to drop a couple hundred dollars on a single item BUT I can also be a smart shopper like I was with this hammock. I came across this hammock about two years ago and bought it thinking it would be good for a summer of camping and hiking. I honestly can say it's still in the same condition as when I bought it. The ropes it hangs by haven't even slightly frayed, the fabric is still waterproof and comfortable, it still folds nicely back into it's little pouch and I got it for a fraction of the price of an ENO. If you've been looking for a hammock but don't want to spend a lot of money on one, get this one! I think it even comes in different colors too. I can honestly say it's held up so well even after a little over two years of a lot of use and I probably won't ever waste money on another hammock again (if it ever does end up breaking I'll update my review). Also Michael and I comfortably fit into it together and we regularly use it on trips to lay and enjoy a beer in after a long day of hiking!