I Do This Sometimes: Trail Running

Tank: Target | Capri Bottoms: Target | Sports Bra: Target | Running Shoes: Brooks

(This post is a little bit of a throw back as you can tell from all the green leaves. I shot this while on a trail run with a friend before my backpacking trip but I did so many other outdoorsy things I completely forgot to post it!)
Let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of trail running. That's not to say I don't like it but I won't lie and say I like it because, honestly, it's hard! I feel like I'm doing nothing but watching my feet and making sure I'm not about to trip and have the hardest fall of my life onto a conveniently placed pile of rocks. I love mindless runs where I only have to worry about not getting hit by a passing biker or something. However, I spend a lot of time hiking and I like to make sure my sneakers are supportive enough so that they can be used for hiking... just incase my hiking boots decide to completely fall apart and I need something in the meantime. This actually happened right before my backpacking trip... yay. Luckily I had already taken these shoes out for a trail run with a friend and I was confident that I could do the hike to our campsite with these shoes.
I've also been wearing a lot of Target's Activewear lately because I'm training for a half-marathon.... er.... running occasionally when I'm not crazy busy? Either way, Target's clothes are so comfy and easy to run in. They don't rub my skin and make it sore, they wick away moisture, they're super breathable and (best part) they're way affordable. We snapped these pictures before we went on our run... my face gets super red and I look insane when I work out HA.

Protecting your feet and making sure they're happy is everything when you're out on the trail. Whether it's a pair of sneakers, a study pair of boots or some kind of sandals you really need to make sure you're feet are happy. Always test your shoes before long trips. It's a make-or-break-it deal when you go on long treks in shoes that give you horrible blisters or make your feet ache.