Hiking Turk Mountain


Awhile back, like, in August, I did this little hike after watching the sunrise on Skyline Drive. Turk Mountain can be done as a 10.4 mile hike or a 2.6 mile hike from the Turk Mountain Parking Area. I did the 2.6 mile hike from the parking area because I didn't have much time that day and I was hiking with a friend who has two small children so they couldn't hike too far. The hike was easy and pretty, you could look off the trail and see mountains through the trees. We (in typical Jess fashion) stopped at the wrong outlook... At a point in the trail, it will take a very sharp right and you continue on... we stopped here seeing that there was a vista to the left and we embarked on a super-crazy rock scramble (second picture) that actually made me nervous to be on with small kids. However, they were fine and the view was pretty. We retraced our steps back down to the parking lot and it ended up being a nice hike to compliment watching a Shenandoah Sunrise. For more info on hiking Turk Mountain go HERE