Hiking South River Falls


Happy February! Michael and I ended January with a snowy, WARM hike to South River Falls. This is an easy 4 mile hike (maybe not so easy in the snow), down to the base of South River Falls and back. We parked at South River Falls campground off of Skyline Drive and hiked two very snowy miles down to the base of the falls, I literally fell in the snow down to my knees a few times. On our way down we encountered a few women hiking back up so I asked them if the waterfall was pretty, they responded "you can barely see it with all the ice and snow covering it!" I was so bummed but realized the second we got to the overlook they must not have gone down to the base of the falls.  If you've done this hike before and only gone to the overlook for the waterfall I highly recommend next time you hike past the outlook and when you get to the fire road/intersection, take a right. Follow that fire road down the mountain and you'll come to a post that will direct you to the bottom of the falls, follow this for a few hundred feet further and you'll come to the base of the falls. I was really surprised to find that no one was down there! We had a blast tromping around in the snow especially since it was 60 degrees (!) in the park that day. I was sweating in a t-shirt and Michael was happy in shorts and a thin long sleeve. It was seriously the perfect day for hiking. For more information on this hike go here, however, Michael and I didn't do this entire loop, we just went to the base of the falls and back and it was about 4.2 miles round trip and took us a little over two hours.... because I was dying hiking uphill in the snow.