Hiking Devil's Marbleyard

Can you see me in the rocks?

Can you see me in the rocks?


Last week Dee had some time off after she finished finals so I met up with her down in southern Virginia to hike Devil's Marbleyard. We did the shortened version of this hike and only hiked a mile up to the "marbleyard" then spent a ton of time climbing around on the extensive rock scramble. The trail is easy to the base of the rock pile. You cross a few streams and there's a little bit of an uphill. However, climbing around on the boulders is insane! Some of them are seriously so huge (think the size of cars) it'll make you feel like a tiny human. You definitely get an awesome full body work out from stepping up onto rocks, pulling yourself up and lifting yourself down with your arms, AND you definitely test your balance. Once you climb a little ways above the tree line the view is great! In some places the rocks are a bit precarious but you can almost always find alternative routes around these areas. If you do decide to do this hike, BE CAREFUL! The rock scramble definitely requires some physical strength. I definitely have to rate this hike highly because it has the best rock scramble I've ever done. Although Old Rag's scramble is also a lot of fun, this one is a lot less crowded and you can take more liberties climbing around all over the rocks. You'll see a picture above where the rock looks like it has little holes in it, per Roanoke Outdoors "The Antietam Quartzite found at the site is the result of a rise in sea level relative to the land that occurred over 500 million years ago. The boulders have tube-like structures running along them that are believed to be fossilized cavities where worm-like creatures lived." For more info on the hike go here.