Hiking Crabtree Falls


A week or two ago my parents came down to visit me and we hiked Cole Mountain and Crabtree Falls in the same day. I've already done this hike once before but I wanted to do it again during a time when the waterfalls were (hopefully) fuller. I figured the day we were out hiking Cole Mountain would be a perfect day to stop by and do a quick hike to the top of the falls because it was a weekday (there were still quite a few people) and the leaves were starting to change color. I must say my opinion of this waterfall has definitely changed. Before I wasn't so impressed, but now I can kinda see what all the hype is about. When this waterfall is full(er), it really is a beautiful waterfall. You constantly hear the sound of rushing water on the hike and every fall is so different than the last. The outlooks along the hike aren't too bad either, except this time around I didn't focus on the outlooks at all. If you've done this hike before during the summer, I recommend going back during the fall or spring when there's more water, it's literally a different waterfall and experience entirely! If you've never done this hike at all I recommend going on a weekday (this is a super popular and crowded hike on weekends) and opt for going in the spring or fall when the falls are fuller.