Hiking Cole Mountain



High mountain meadows are always super cool to hike through. Wide open spaces, lots and lots or open views... This hike was phenomenal!

We set out kinda late in the morning (8:00am which is late for my family when we hike), and the drive was about two and a half hours south. Note that if you want to do this hike- take an SUV or be very patient and good at navigating potholes and rutted out dirt roads! The dirt road was only two miles long but we took my Dad's car instead of my Jeep and we were weaving around potholes and going super slow to avoid bottoming out. When you get to the trailhead, HikingUpward suggests you do this hike in a loop starting with the blue blazed trail and making your way around to the Appalachian Trail. We did just the opposite and went south down the AT first because it was the perfect time of day to enjoy the vast and amazing views. It took no time at all before we came upon the mountain meadows. It's so neat hiking up to them because you just slowly come over the hill and all the sudden its just BAM views for miles and miles. The main meadow had a huge boulder with a really cool tree full of vibrant red berries. The pointy mountain (pictures 9, 10 and third from last) that is very distinct and close to the meadow is called Mount Pleasant. That hike is really close by and considered the "sister hike" to Cole Mountain. After hiking through the meadows we made our way back to the car. It's kinda a quick description but you really just need to see it for yourself. My advice would be to pack a blanket and some food and stay for awhile and have a picnic. Or go really early/late and watch either the sunset or sunrise because the trail is so easy to follow and you get to the meadows really fast (if you do the route we did). I HIGHLY suggest this hike even if it's a bit of a haul. The views are just phenomenal and you feel like you're so high in the sky. After we finished this hike we drove north to Crabtree Falls where we hiked up the falls. It was such a long day of hiking and I'll be posting my Crabtree Fall's pictures later in the week. I've been to Crabtree Falls before but the water was just really lacking and I wanted to go back when the falls were more full. It was worth it!

This weekend one of my best friends and I are falling off the (cellular service) grid and camping for the long weekend! I'm excited because I haven't done a backpacking trip in years and the weather looks like it's going to be perfect... not to mention it's about that time when leaves area at their peak :)