Hiking Chimney Rocks


I was home in Northern Virginia for a day/night and when I got home it was a 50 degrees with bright blue skies so we decided to go for a hike. We headed up to Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. The park has a few hiking trails, waterfalls, a lake, and other attractions. We decided on hiking up to Chimney Rock and then down to the lake (which was still covered in ice). The trail was muddy and there were little streams from all the snowmelt coming down the mountain that crisscrossed across the trail. In addition to the sound of the little babbling snowmelt streams, you could hear the rushing river below for quite some time before the sound faded away into the occasional noises of chirping birds. Ela happily sniffed everything in sight while my mom and I followed. The hike is relatively easy with a gradual climb for most the hike with a short uphill that will definitely get your heart pumping. At the top you can enjoy the view of the mountains close by and a little bit of the valley to the left of the mountains. If you go below the main outlook you have better view down the mountain range and of Chimney Rock. Also, if you climb around a little bit you'll find some deep crevices that you can climb through. I wasn't tall enough to pull myself up onto the main outlook so I spent a lot of time climbing around on the rocks while my mom laid in the sun. After we hiked back down we went over to the lake which was still covered in a thick sheet of ice.
I'm super excited that winter is wrapping itself up. I looked at some models for the next few months and it looks like for Virginia/the south, March is supposed to be a little cold but then April and May are supposed to have higher-than-average temperatures.