Gear Review: Orvis Feathered Hat

Hat: Orvis | Jacket: Barbour | Vest: Barbour | Sweater: Thrift Store :)

Channeling my inner Indian Jones here... I was hesitant at first as to whether I would do a "gear review" for this hat but I decided after taking a few walks in it that it is perfect for easy, low maintenance outdoor activities. This hat was gifted to me and I have to say, I love it. I've never been a huge hat wearer but I've also never owned a hat this cozy and comfy before. It was almost 40 degrees out when I took these pictures and if you cant already tell by my nose, I was frozen! But the hat kept my head really warm. I also love that it goes with my Barbour because I literally wear my Barbour every. single. day. I got the vest that zips into the jacket because Richmond hasn't gotten quite as cold as I was expecting and I'll procrastinate having to buy a big winter jacket for forever if I'm able to. While I love this hat, it's not the greatest for windy days because the wind picks it right up and tries to take it off your head (which has happened multiple times to me). BUT it does come with size reducers so you can fit it perfectly snug against your head, I just haven't put them in yet. Also, I can see this being too hot to wear during the summer because of how cozy it kept my head in the cold however, it is lined with a moisture wicking headband so I'll just have to try it out once it gets warmer! We're planning on heading out towards the mountains for another day of fly fishing and/or hiking this weekend, maybe I'll bring it along and see how it fares?