Gear Review: LifeStraw

LifeStraw REI water bottle

I wanted to do a quick gear review on this LifeStraw. I picked this thing up at REI the week before I went on my backpacking trip to Lake Moomaw. Michael had showed them to me before and suggested I get one for hiking and camping to cut back on my pack weight and to have a reliable water purification system. I won't restate all the specs on this thing, if you want that click the link above.

What I loved: How lightweight it is. I managed to hike into our camping spot with nothing but the amount of water I needed for the hike. From then on I would just fill my water bottle with water from the lake and use the straw to drink out of it. I also loved how portable it is. You can just stick it in the side pocket of your backpack and have it readily available or you can hang it around your neck via the string attached.

What I didn't love: Nothing really. However I have read some reviews that the straw didn't work. Make sure each time after you use it, you blow all the remaining water in the straw back out. 

Also when you buy one of these straws the company gives one to a family in Kenya so definitely a good investment!
Final comments: Get one. It's worth it. You can even bring it on a long backpacking/camping trip as a backup to your primary water purification system.