Fly Fishing Buffalo Creek


Happy 2016 y'all!!! Michael and I promptly took off to southern Virginia after New Years Eve for a little relaxation and fly fishing. We decided we'd fish on Buffalo Creek south of Lexington, VA and we stayed in Lexington at the Robert E. Lee Hotel. If you ever have to stay in the area, I highly recommend that hotel! The beds are super comfy, the view from the hotel is great (we were on the 5th floor), and the bathrooms- specifically the shower, was just so cool. But, as you can tell from the pictures (since I am literally a green marshmallow) we're finally experiencing some winter weather in Virginia and we had days in the 40-45 degree range. I was so happy I had my Barbour with me otherwise I would've frozen to death, I definitely forgot what 45 degrees felt like. In the morning we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast, grabbed all our gear, and headed out to the river. (I was thinking of having Michael do a little post on his favorite fly fishing gear? The kids been at this sport from a very young age so he has some knowledge when it comes to fly fishing gear.) Anyways, the river is really wide and open, which made it easier for me to learn how to cast and not have to worry about getting my line caught in a tree. The river overall is shallow, maybe 1-3 feet deep but there are a lot of pockets with really deep pools just perfect for trout. Most reports have people pulling rainbow, brook and brown trout from the river and occasionally pulling some 16+ inch fish. Fly fishing is hard! I mean, I never expected it to be easy but the technique and art behind it is just a lot more extensive and involved than I realized... Where to drop lines, can't rip the water, what flies to use depending on what hatches are happening, or minnows, or something else because there are literally a million different flies for a million different things, all the different ways to cast, different knots you tie, how to set up the rod, the list literally goes on and on. Luckily Michael is an awesome teacher who is very patient and honest when critiquing me. But, to be honest, my favorite part of the trip was wading around through the water. The way the waders suction to your legs is such a strange feeling but I loved it, and this was my first time in waders so I was having a ball trolling around the river. The deepest we got was up to my upper thighs, so not too deep, but deep enough to make me realize how powerful water can be. We had fun fishing the special regulation area and then heading down stream to find some wide places beside the road. Michael caught a beautiful rainbow that I managed to get one picture of before he was back in the water swimming away. We really had fun and we've already discussed the fact that we need to go back again and fish some more of the river. We had a lot of fun and it was the perfect way to start 2016 :)